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Home Models Modeltech Magic 3D

Modeltech Magic 3D

Built: May 2002 
Type: 3D fun-fly ARF
Wingspan: 52 inch
Weight: 4.25 lb
Power: Glow 0.32 ci

Summer 2002 at MASM field was a "Magic" year.  That ARF by Modeltech is a typical 3D fun fly.  It was built very light with huge square wing of symmetrical airfoil.  Oversized control surfaces and low wingloading helped with good flying characteristics.  Webra Speed 32, very strong and very light glow engine, was a perfect match for the plane.  Three HS-605BB were used: one for elevator and one for each aileron, plus one HS-77BB for ruder.  For throttle HS-81 was used.  6V NiCd batteries squeezed all available torque and speed from these strong Hitec servos.  Besides fun flying and learning basic 3D I used Magic as a tug towing small glider DAdams.

After few years of flying I needed more space in my hangar for new projects, so the model was given away to fellow modeler.