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Home Models My adventures with GWS warbirds

My adventures with GWS warbirds

Built: December 2002 
Type: Semi-scale park flyer
Wingspan: 33.5 inch
Weight: 13 oz
Power: Electric

Another Christmas passed and I got a new plane - GWS Zero EPS350 ARF.  This was the time when GWS came with great idea of introducing a line of scale looking electric park flyers.  GWS Zero was easy to put together and great looking on the ground as well as in the air.  What is the most important, it was quite good flying model.  The model was put together without any modifications using stock and recommended gear.  The only addition was retractable landing gear, but after the first landing it collapsed so the landing gear was removed completely.  It was hand launch for take off and landings were on the belly in the grass.

Of course the pane had a few hard landings but foam repairs were easy with polyurethane "Gorilla" glue.  There were two improvements done to the model later.  Original ailerons control via torque rods was to flimsy.  Thin and long torque rods were to flexible for precision aileron movement.  I decided to replace that with Sullivan Push Cable connecting both ailerons to one servo.  Second improvement was replacing stock brushed motor with home build brushless outrunner ("Double whopper" from GoBrushless parts) poweredby LiPo pack.  Upgraded Zero was really fun to fly.  Powered to "unlimited vertical", crisp control and low wingloading made it quite acrobatic but at the same time still easy to fly. 

Few years later Zero got a company - GWS Spitfire from the same GWS warbird series.  Same solutions from the Zero were adapted.  New plane got the same push-pull cable control for ailerons and same home made brushless outrunner motor.  Spitfire looked great and was pleasure to fly too.  I think I found a good way of finishing GWS warbirds.  The best proof is the video of GWS Spitfire flying at 15mph wind.  

Together with my son we used both planes to fly in "string cutting" combat and later we used HobbyZone Ultrasonic Combat module converted to standard RC systems with Top RC-Gun circuit designed by Thomas, Mr RC-Cam.  

Currently both models are still in flyable condition.